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Embrace Healing and Growth: Explore Personalized Psychotherapy for a Balanced Mind and Fulfilling Life

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy serves as a vital form of psychological therapy for individuals navigating emotional and psychological distress. Such distress can stem from a multitude of factors, often rooted in challenging and traumatic life events, a lack of opportunities, and ongoing daily stressors.


The initial phase of psychotherapy involves the development of a personalized formulation, providing individuals with a profound understanding of the reasons behind their emotional struggles. Unraveling the complexities of one's distress is a crucial step towards therapeutic change, offering solace in finally having an explanation for the turmoil experienced.

At its core, psychotherapy offers a safe, nurturing, and exploratory space for individuals to comprehend and navigate their distress. It provides a platform to process and overcome difficult and traumatic life events, while continuously nurturing self-worth and self-identity. The focal point of discussion and exploration during sessions is entirely determined by the individual's preferences, and if unsure, together we can ascertain the optimal focus areas.

The therapeutic relationship stands as a cornerstone of psychotherapy, emphasizing a non-judgmental space where individuals can openly and comfortably discuss any topic that they deem necessary for discussion and resolution. Apart from seeking psychotherapy during times of struggle and distress, some individuals engage in this process for professional development or as a vital component of their self-care routine.

Psychology Session
Support Group

Consultation & Psychotherapy

A 30 minute complimentary phone consultation is offered to see if psychotherapy feels the right process for you to engage in.

If after the consultation, you would like to begin face-face psychotherapy sessions, we recommend that sessions form part of a consistent therapeutic framework; for example, attending weekly, on the same day and at the same time.

This consistency can provide containment, which can help a person to feel safer.


Face-face psychotherapy sessions last one hour in duration and are charged at £115 per session. 

Sessions usually take place in different bases within the Crosby-Southport region.

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