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Jayne Elson

RGN Specialist Practitioner BSc Hons, FN, Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Aesthetics Practitioner

Independent Nurse Prescriber

Company Director

Jayne is an experienced and professional individual who has achieved a successful and rewarding career in a variety of large public and private companies within the UK holding long-term positions ranging from Residential Nursing Homes, District Nursing, Urgent Care and Occupational Health and Forensics. Jayne attended numerous universities over a twenty year period and has achieved outstanding academic qualifications throughout her career. 

Crosby Medical Clinic was opened by Jayne in Liverpool after almost 10 years providing Aesthetic and Private Nursing Services across the UK and in The Isle of Mann. She has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to her company which now facilitates several services from the base in Bridge Road Blundellsands. 

Jayne has an exceptional portfolio of clients including celebrities who remain loyal to her practice. Many reviews are available on social media sites.    

Jayne affectionately named “The Lip Queen” (and now a trade mark) by her clients many years ago specialises in lip enhancement and shaping/sculpturing injections using all aspect Hyaluronic Acid fillers and Botox (Allergan) 

Jayne also provides additional services including prescribed skin care and vitamin injections. Jayne also provides a DNA sampling service for Cellmark. 

All aesthetic procedures are done by Jayne following a consultation at the clinic

Jayne qualified in Harley Street in 2005 in the administration of aesthetic treatments and has since taken further study to keep up to date with current practice and legislation.

Jayne only uses top end products obtained from UK pharmacy.




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Hannah Daly

Clinic Manager and Skin Care Therapist

Here at Crosby Medical Clinic Hannah strives to achieve only the best. Ensuring clients and staff at the clinic are always treated with the upmost respect and that clients receive the best service.

In order to do this Hannah keeps the small team in the loop with reflection meetings, addressing any concerns, ideas or even just to catch up on progression and success.

Hannah leads the team an encourages the application of self direction in the pursuit of the business objectives. Hannah liaises with clients and keeps the social medic platforms updated. She encourages customer feedback, and plans changes we think will benefit clients. 

As clinic manager Hannah is responsible for maintaining the ICO compliance which is part of the policies and procedures put in place to the maintain client confidentiality. We are an accredited clinic who are inspected yearly - we are proud to have an excellence status in good practice and safety. 

Hannah has a stern promise that each and every consultation and treatment is given with the dignity and respect one should receive.

Hannah is a friendly positive and motivated young lady who loves to help people look and feel good about themselves. Hannah has studied business management and has a great knowledge of management styles and leadership.

Hannah started managing her own beauty salon ten years ago and though gaining her business management degree she is proficient in business law, finance accounts and economics and operations management. Hannah is also a level three beauty therapist and fully trained in the delivery of medical grade cryotherapy. 

Her signature treatment has to be ‘Cryo-Facial” 

‘Hannah’s aim is to deliver added value and improve results’ 

At the clinic Hannah specialise in skin care providing prescribed skin peels and incorporates this with Cryo-stimulation. On top of this Hannah keeps the team on their toes and the company on track. She is very approachable and is welcoming.


Puneet Narula

Senior Physiotherapist 

Puneet is a Chartered and State Registered Physiotherapist who qualified over 19 years ago. Puneet is a highly skilled manual therapist, with success treating a wide variety of clients, including semiprofessional athletes, competitive dancers, gymnasts as well as Ministry of Defence recruits.

Puneet further advanced his skills and learned numerous manual therapy techniques by successfully completing MSc Manual Therapy from Coventry University in Dec. 2009 which is MACP accredited.

Puneet has a keen interest in manual treatments of the spinal and peripheral joints. He uses many techniques, including spinal manipulation, spinal stabilisation exercises, neurodynamic mobilisation, joint mobilisation, acupuncture, Muscle energy techniques, Mc Connell’s Taping, Positional release techniques, and advanced soft tissue techniques.

Since Puneet joined the team our clients are fast feeling the benefits of the inclusion of a skilled physiotherapist who is very knowledgeable and keen to share his passion, and gets the job done. Puneet is also able to utilise Cryo-Therapy in his practice along with joint injections. Puneet has amazing results with knee, hip, neck & back and shoulder pain.

Puneet is also a skilled injection therapist, which may sometimes be required as an adjunct to other physiotherapeutic treatments.

Puneet enjoys treating his patients because promoting neuro-musculoskeletal health is his passion. Puneet gets incredible results treating a wide variety of conditions ranging from sport injuries to chronic persistent injuries and postural dysfunctions. Puneet’s treatment philosophy involves treating the body holistically and determining the underlying problem causing dysfunction in order to treat the root cause. Puneet also takes a preventative approach to treatment whereby he addresses faulty movement patterns and corrects them early on to prevent future re-injury. Puneet believes that the best approach is to use a combination of manual therapy and acupuncture to treat tissue and joint restrictions and then provide specific exercises to improve flexibility and strength in order to restore normal movement patterns.

Puneet is currently studying Non-Medical Prescribing which will enhance his practice in pain relief treatments to his patients. 

Puneet believes in know pain no gain